Cassie & Selwyn Tillett: Christmas Letters
Cassie & Selwyn

What's another year?

Selwyn & Cassie Tillett: Londoners/East Anglians, respectively Anglican parish priest and professional organiser, married 1995, moved from South London to Norfolk in 2005.

We know full well how much the modern fashion for annual updates sends many people screaming for the hills. However, some of our friends have been foolish enough to let us know that they rather enjoy these manic diatribes of ours - and besides, when we give people the choice of viewing our letters or not, at least we feel we might have saved a few trees!

Each Christmas, our cards and emails go out to stay in touch with friends, relations, and various other contacts from the worlds of music, theatre, church, Egyptology, genealogy and many other eccentric pastimes. Those of you who we know have access to the internet receive the link to this page, giving you the absolute choice of whether or not you choose to know what we've been up to this year. Like all good Anglicans, we like to leave the final choice to you.

The 2021 Christmas Letter is now available here, and we hope you enjoy it! ... and if you're a real masochist, you can always follow the links on the left to read previous annual reviews.

Cassie & Selwyn

NB: Recreation of this website a few years ago means that photographs are only in place for letters since 2009. Catch-up on previous years will follow when (if) I get round to it - and please forgive any obvious errors, such as references to photographs or hyperlinks that are no longer in evidence!








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